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This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in 2010 and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.


I have resumed my focus on coaching as a stock market mentor where I run a success guaranteed stock trading mentorship program


Additionally, you can now get access to what I consider to be the best stock options daily trade alert service.


Of course, I am biased and with a success rate fluctuating between 68.2% and 72.4% it is hard not to be biased.


If you do want to follow along with what I am doing every day you can get access to my daily stock market report 



You can read the step-by-step Bollinger Band Trading Strategy Guide - this is my main active trading strategy

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happy trading 

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Watch the video and listen all about what you can expect inside the Live Training room. This page also has an exclusive special offer which you are seeing by invitation only. Feel free to contact me with any questions you have on skype - newtron-bomb

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