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This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in 2010 and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.


I have resumed my focus on coaching as a stock market mentor where I run a success guaranteed stock trading mentorship program


Additionally, you can now get access to what I consider to be the best stock options daily trade alert service.


Of course, I am biased and with a success rate fluctuating between 68.2% and 72.4% it is hard not to be biased.


If you do want to follow along with what I am doing every day you can get access to my daily stock market report 



You can read the step-by-step Bollinger Band Trading Strategy Guide - this is my main active trading strategy

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Phil's Gone Crazy... Get Complete Access To My Current Strategy

Hi There, 

I think its official and I've gone crazy. It's been 10 years since I started this training website and 5 years since I started the look over my shoulder live training.

So what can I do for as a little gift? Well I can completely spill the beans on my current active trading strategy. No catches, no gimmicks, just a complete strategy outline of what I'm doing right now in my own trading.

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Testing Scalper Variation...

Hi Folks, 

I've been beavering away again the the testing lab after getting several requests for a scalper variation of FurQuad. Once again you ask I provide.

Initial development and adjustments look promising, so much so that it was a quick move to the live testing phase to see how realistic the scalper variation was to implement.

The scalper strategy is actually not a million miles away what what I'm already doing in the Live Training Room and at a basic level its a simple case of time frame switch out. Although for best results a little simple discretion is always a good idea.

A good illustration of the potential of the strategy is Friday 11th May, where prices were pretty much flat all day long during the UK trading session. On AUDUSD (chart below) you can see price still in a 30-40 pip range for most of the day. Even with that the case the scalper variant managed to pull just over 50 pips with an opportunity for more than 80 pips taking every available trade option. Pretty exciting stuff and I hope to have a roll out of the strategy very soon. 

On a different note the First Quarter 2012 Results have finally been up dated and uploaded. For those note already members of the Live Training please contact me for special offers.

Happy Trading 


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Trading Strategies Live Training Room Performance Jan - March 2012

Trading Strategies Live Training Room Performance for the first quarter of 2012





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Wolf Wave and FurQuad Strategy combo on AUDUSD

Hi Folks, 

In the Live Room we regularly talk about using discretion if you wish to at the front end of the strategy before following through with the rest of the FurQuad Strategy Rule set.

On the following video I talk through what for the moment could be interpreted as a Wolf Wave pattern and how ideally I will be integrating it with the FurQuad Snatch Strategy Rule set.



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STD Signal Bar - Using Weekly Charts For Direction

Using Weekly Charts For Direction


On this short tutorial I will be looking at using the STD Signal bar on the weekly chart to dictate an overall direction to be used with the 8hr charts.

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