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Las Vegas Forex Trading Expo

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Morning, Wasn't sure where to post this article :thinking: but I thought it was quite interesting... Record attendance at Las Vegas Forex Trading Expo indicates popularity of the market with individuals Advancements in online trading technology and educational opportunities spur market growth Ada, MI (August 28, 2006) -- Foreign currency trading has taken significant steps into the mainstream, attracting everyone from Hollywood stars to baby-boomers to younger investors with an increased appetite for risk. The market's increasing popularity is linked to rapid advances in trading technology offered by online currency trading firms, such as Global Forex Trading (gftforex.com), which have allowed individual investors to access the market. Foreign exchange (forex), the speculative financial market that allows traders to magnify the gains or losses they can make on exchange rate differences, is the largest financial market in the world. An average of $1.9 trillion is traded daily - more than three times the volume of the U.S. stock and bond markets combined. Participation in the Las Vegas Forex Trading Expo, held Sept. 7 - 9 at Mandalay Bay, is evidence of the increasing popularity of the market. Nearly 3,000 people have already pre-registered -- more than twice as many as last year. "It's no surprise that interest in the show has increased so much," said Dave Floyd, a professional trader and a trainer with Strategic Trading Institute (stitrader.com). "There are so many opportunities in forex trading, and the Forex Trading Expo provides an ideal outlet for traders to network and learn from both the veterans and the exhibitors. Even professional traders can benefit and learn something new." The Forex Trading Expo is the only tradeshow geared specifically for forex traders, and brings the industry together to serve as an open community for traders. More than 30 exhibitors, including dealers, brokers, training companies, media outlets and data service providers, will share information through booth displays, workshops and presentations. Special events include the live trivia game show a $25,000 forex trading account grand prize and a presentation by economist Ben Stein on the outlook of the U.S. dollar, both presented by platinum sponsor Global Forex Trading (GFT). "An all-star line-up of speakers including Ben Stein, presented by GFT, and John Bollinger, legendary technical analyst, certainly attracts traders," said Tim Bourquin, co-founder of the Forex Trading Expo. "But we're also seeing a tremendous amount of interest from traders who have typically traded only equities and are looking for more volatility and liquidity - currency trading provides both." The increased interest in forex trading has led to the need for responsible education and training. A handful of reputable companies offer training programs, including Strategic Trading Institute (STI), which is affiliated with trading firm GFT. STI provides online webinars, a complete online training course, and live workshops taught by well-known trading experts in locations around the world. "The rapid growth of the market has opened it up to new traders, some who have traded other markets, and some who have never traded at all," said Gary Tilkin, president and CEO, GFT and STI. "Responsible forex companies don't want their customers to enter the market with their eyes closed - we know that the strength of the market as a whole depends on the aptitude of the individual market participants."