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First Quarter 2007

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I thought I'd ressurect the swing and position trading thread, and given that this often attracts less attention than the intraday thread, and the fact that we're nearly half way through February already, I thought I'd just open a thread for the first quarter of the year which can run from now until end of March. Basically I'm looking at horizontal levels in various crossess, though mainly the majors, on big timeframes such as daily and weekly charts to guage trending / ranging behaviour and where high 'reaction probability' zones are based on larger TF support and resistance zones. If the larger TF charts give me a signal to look for an entry according to my trend following swing / position strat, then I'm looking at the shorter big hourly TFs to get an entry. Anyway, the attached chart (daily chart on swissy, USDCHF) looks interesting to me with some clearly defined multiple S & R areas...