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week commencing 10th sept

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Hi everyone. Not kicked a thread off for ages so I'm gonna do so now. I'm just getting back to work - today as it happens and starting to bone up on where we're at now. Looks to me like the liquidity crunch may well have opened eyes as to risks that while always there, were previously shrouded. I reackoning that the us recession story could well gather some pace too, as the numbers recently have been pretty dismal. As I see it, provided that the European (including UK) institutions havn't exposed themselves too much to dodgy paper things this side of the pond may well manage reasonably well. certainly they look more fundamentally sound! The wolves are baying for areduction in US rates now, but how much good could/would that actually do? More symbolic perhaps? They've already cut the discount window rate for the US banks, and they've been feeding there by all accounts (which isn't necessarily a particularly good sign of the general health of what they're holding on their books). I'm also reading reports that certain Hedgy-types are raising cap to buy up distressed paper at fire-sale prices. This would help get a good deal of it off the books of quite a number of funds who (once the paper is downgraded - which it surely will be) won't be able to continue to hold it. A couple of days ago I was watching a program on UKTV history about the fall of the roman empire and how ti all started to fall apart. Trade links (food primarily) falling down, receding borders, reduced revenue and so forth. Interesting stuff. Turn to today and the US Empire, and See the age old 'enemies' gaining strength. China with its run away economy financing larger parts of the US and hold an awful lot of US IOUs. The Russian Bear with it's wealth burgeoning from old and Gas, it's political influence increasing with it's ability to turn the tap on and off at will, and military muscle flexing and growling, "I might have been quiet for a while but I havn't gone away!" It seems that the balance of power is in the process of change once again. It's gonna take time for everything to unfold and work itself out, and in the turmoil I've no doubt many opportunities will abound. Assets such as stocks etc might well have slid off recently, but I still don't see them as having much intrinsic value at continued inflated prices. The housing slump Probably won't be helped by an rate cut or two, - the overhang needs to work its way out before that looks better, and the general knock on to the US economy is yet to show through and only beginning to now. Were friday's Payrolls an anomally (given the use of the birth/death model which skews results anyway)? Or were they perhaps much more representative of the real state of the labor-force? Whatever the Fed decides to do, easing and trying to print even more dollars is only going to reduce the value of each individual dollar? And I havn't even started to talk about other regions. Lots of question marks, lots to work through, and I'm sure lots of opportunity, but I still see Europe better placed fundamentally than US right now... Funny - I wasn't going to write a post like this to start the htread and out it just came! Oh well! :roll: :roll: :roll: