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May 16th - Thoughts looking back on the week.

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What a crumby end to the weeks trading is all I can say. The weeks trading started off very well for a change and we saw some early gains in the Live Trading Room. The recent trend over the last few weeks has been that the movements for my style of trading have not really been seen until late in the day or late in the week. This week has been the opposite seeing early movement in the week and followed be a really choppy Wednesday Thursday and Friday.

Just to add salt to the wounds of the week, the moment I decide to call is a week at my usual finishing time the market opens up.... ah well such is life. That's just the way it is sometimes. Always another day to trade.

The good news is that the weeks trading is positive. Please keep in mind my trade management method when you look at these figures. I trade in multiples of 3 lots and scale out 2/3rds quite quickly to remove the risk and run the last 1/3rd to a larger intraday and swing target where applicable. Full details can be seen on the results page on the attached spread sheet.

The weeks trading;

  • 2/3rds pip total - 315
  • 1/3rds pip total - (30)
  • Total pips - 600 (re-based to 1 lot)

The month so far;

  • 2/3rds pip total - 850
  • 1/3rds pip total - 840
  • Total pips - 2540 (re-based to 1 lot)

Have a good weekend folks