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This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in 2010 and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.


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Slowly, slowly catchee Monkey.!!

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Slowly, slowly catchee Monkey.

This has been my mantra for exactly a year now as I am celebrating my first birthday as a learning trader. I joined Phil’s website and live trading room exactly a year ago after been recommended to his site by George of “click events” who has also been a great help throughout the year when he has given some great live trading room sessions whilst Phil has had other commitments, for those of you who know Phil will have heard this many a time,for the new comers it’s been the one single phrase that i keep reminding myself of.

After starting with Phil 12 months ago and having pretty much zero knowledge or experience in the finance, economic or trading game I have come a long way to now feel that I can start to implement all my learning and knowledge into slowly building my equity curve in a disciplined easy to follow plan.  I started with the intention of staying with Phil for a few months then I would have got trading sussed and would give up my job and live a fantastic life of leisure and wealth.!!  But the reality is after just two months I blew up 50% of my account “luckily not a large account” YET I am still here to right about it.

I have found that although some of the learning has been quite clear and quick to understand I have struggled with a lot of the information ( my favourite been the fantastic Bias change) but with Phil`s `patience and his ability to re-invent different and clever ways to explain the same problem has been amazing. There has been so many times sat here in my tiny homemade office that the light bulb has flicked on over my head with that Argh Ha.!!  Moment , I actually got nick named Disco Ian for a little while. But that how it all starts to sink in SLOWLY.

I have met some great people on the live trading room who helped me in the beginning with all manner of questions and problems and now I have been able to be one of the gang that has now helped in return which feels amazing, I met some of the gang and Phil in Barcelona in October and had an amazing time whilst there but the main thing I came away with was the confidence that I am slowly getting the hang of everything.  Its just putting everything together for yourself so that you can work a plan that suits you alone as everyone is slightly different.

So for anyone who has just started or is considering using this site and phils experience to help begin or advance there trading my advice is Slowly slowly catchee Monkey, in other words take it easy and be around to place a post this time next year.

So I would like to say thank you to everyone that has helped me throughout the year and hopefully will still be helping me this time next year.



For all the help and encouragement

A special thank you to you PHIL.



P.S ask about Darren Winters....but beware..