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Is it worth trading inside large consolidation?What do you all think?

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Hi All,

Iv been noticing that large consolidating patterns such as those in the GBPUSD/GBPCHF and other crosses (Weekly/Monthly) etc.. side-ways action.  Have been a real pain in the Butt to trade,  even when using the early indication of price direction via 4hr Candles, it can still be a headache.  Even when the direction sticks for a bit, until it breaks the consolidation pattern you can expect it to whip back. Reclaiming your pips.

My thoughts are to either add a rule to the 4hr reversal candle, which is to wait for the trendline to breakout pullback continue to reverse the trend, or to stay clear of these up-day down-day crosses until the top 1/3 or bottom 1/3 of the consolidation area is reached at the least.  

If the majority of crosses are in the "hell-zone" then why not look at other trading products that are clearly" trending. 

Opinions please ?  Do you think its worth hacking out some pips during large" consolidation areas?

Hope you guys want to debate the issue.

Happy pipping