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This site is currently inactive as I have decided to move away from exclusively trading Forex in 2010 and as such will not be taking on new coaching clients in this area.


I have resumed my focus on coaching as a stock market mentor where I run a success guaranteed stock trading mentorship program


Additionally, you can now get access to what I consider to be the best stock options daily trade alert service.


Of course, I am biased and with a success rate fluctuating between 68.2% and 72.4% it is hard not to be biased.


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ok, I've laid my workings (strat) out on this corner & given a overlook on how I trade the Cable on an a daily basis.....I've posted regular update charts & everything I use (indicators/price action/key level triggers etc) has been openly displayed. lets start looking at the pro's & cons of this method & see if it can be improved/tweaked/or otherwise debated. One of the reasons for starting this thread was to offer an insight into ONE method of collecting pips from what has been described as a pretty vicious animal to trade on a regular basis :evil: It aint the 'holy grail' of currencies, merely a collection of information which enables me to consistantly earn a living off this instrument. If one or two items helps others to "look differently" at how they trade this thing on a regular basis, then all good & well - but I'm a firm believer that EVERYTHING can be improved. so, lets see some comments/feedback develop from one or two members of the site who have so far "observed" but not partaken in the discussions!! :D NO-ONE will be ridiculed, shouted down, ignored.....no comments will be dismissed or treated with disrespect either....there are one or two very experienced traders on here & many more 'newbies'.....lets see if we can develop a strat which most folk can take a piece of & design something which suits THEM personally.............. if a couple of items from this strat helps, then great.....so, feel free to stick your views below. I'm a thick skinned animal :lol: I won't take offence to negative commentary!!! this site is all about "sharing" idea's in order that EVERYONE can hopefully benefit in furthering their knowledge & experience to trade the Forex consistantly!! what d'ya like, dislike about it?......how d'ya think it can be improved?.....how would YOU trade it?.....what would you do differently?..........lets use this strat as a 'template' & see where it goes huh? ps : if anyone else also has a 'template' which they would like feedback on, then by all means post it in the Strategies section, and see if everyone can offer constuctive commentary. :wink: