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Fibs & their usage.........

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folks have differing views on using Fibs......most analysts & technicians tend to refer to & observe only the big (monthly-weekly-daily) lines which affect major, long term swing & s&r zones. The big players don't generally trade intraday & use the short term swing moves for trade management, therefore they're not particularly interested in the shorter term price oscillations........ I can only comment on my personal instruction regards Fib lines, and over time I've adapted the use of these % moves to assist me in observing likely points of probable reaction & confluence........ we talk constantly on here about the importance of 'confluence' zones.....a Fib calculation is merely a mathematical % of a move between points A & B.......... therefore, I'm looking for where most of the near term action is presently being focused in relation to the major turning points farther out on the ladder.....each chart (& the relevant swings or major H/L clips) offers me an opportunity to guage whether a particular zone is hotting up or coming into focus....multi fib touches from various levels will ring alarm bells, and I'll then begin observing price for favorable patterns or signals. experience shows me that price consistantly bobs in % moves of between 30 & 60% between sharp intraday-intraweek runs......if it begins to stall & falter on or around a prev s&r barrier, which ties in with a Fibo line from a relevant H/L zone, then I'm gonna begin to look around for a price signal to offer me an entry (or partial exit if I'm already positioned)......... I don’t use them as ‘trading triggers’ neither am I naïve enough to expect them to work bang on the nail all of the time…..they’re simply a tool which I utilize to confirm area’s or zones of higher importance & probability………… they don't & won't appeal to everyone, some folks find them too ambiguous - which is fine...everyone has their own tastes & opinions etc....but they've served me well for long enough.....and traders far smarter & successful than me have used & continue to use them effectively in assisting their trading decisions........ as we constantly say on here "each to their own"............... updated weekly & printed out........ updated weekly & printed out.......... updated daily & printed out........ on screen permanently & updated as necessary.......... on screen permanently & updated as necessary..........