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Month comm 1 July 06

knossos's picture
Hi all, thought I'd get back into posting a few charts and thoughts about possibilities ahead. The 3 hr cable chart looks to be consolidating here after a break above a 123 trigger on friday, but it is also pinging about just below resistance at 8550 level. There seemed to be 2 123 triggers last week, the first didn't make the full target but at least a scale out to a break even trade. The second one triggered nicely through the news for a clean trade. I've set some entries to trigger around the possible break upwards above the consolidation/bull flag, further confirming upwards 123 on daily chart. I can't hang around to zoom down to lower frames in case of a false break/whip but those are the odds I have to work with for now. And of course it may all go pear shaped and drop off that resistance line. Me macd signal line though is positive.